Let Us Guess Why You're Here:

Senior Businessman

You're an Executive

You may need help with:​

  • Developing and executing a short-term or long-term strategy. 

  • Communicating strategic goals in a describable and measurable manner.

  • Creating risk assessments.

  • Developing awareness of the competitive landscape, expansion opportunities and industry developments.

  • Breaking down internal culture & cross-cultural communication barriers.

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You're a Strategy Leader

You may need help with:

  • Assessing Organizational Goals

  • Recommending growth opportunities

  • Risk management strategies

  • Implementation Plans to executive strategic objectives

  • Describing growth opportunities to executive management

  • Communicating within cross-functional teams or global teams.


You're a R&D Leader

You may need help with:

  • Lowering Your Development Costs

  • Deciding which Innovations to invest 

  • Focusing Your Research Efforts. 

  • Managing Your Risk.

  • Communicating within cross-functional teams or global teams.

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You're an Entrepreneur

You may need help with:

  • Establishing strategic objectives for their operations. 

  • Developing strategic goals.

  • Preparing major transactions such as selling, acquisitions, partnerships, etc. 

  • Strategically leveraging national policies to secure funding opportunities.

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Giving a Presentation

You're a HR Professional

You may need help with:

  • Managing succession training of staff

  • Developing adequate training programs

  • Supporting employee opportunities for development

  • Supporting executive leadership training & coaching.

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You're a Scientist

You may need help with:

  • Developing a business case for continued investment into a discovery

  • Find new uses for existing technologies

  • Discover new technologies

  • Lower development costs

  • Lower Risk of a project 

  • Communicating within cross-functional teams or global teams.

Our Approach

The Open Innovation Opportunity program approaches your business in 3-phase modular approach. First, we assess your innovation phase category in your current state which serves as the foundation to uncover growth opportunities. Second, we build your innovation strategy to discover growth opportunities, strategy selection, and strategic priorities. Third, we assist you will building your capabilities in the areas of international growth, partnerships & alliances, mergers & acquisitions, and national innovation & national culture programs. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Valente.

Dr. Valente teaches you how to formulate your innovation strategy step-by-step and then guide you by building your capabilities via international growth, partnerships, alliances, mergers, and acquisitions or leveraging national policy and cultural communications. Her Open Innovation Opportunity program was developed from her recent global academic research in Japan, the United Kingdom, and the United States within a $484M Japanese biopharmaceutical firm.  

Bethany is an intelligent, focused professional with a passion for what she does. She is extremely industrious and goes the extra mile in all professional endeavors. I recommend Bethany to anyone considering working with her.

Keith B., Project Manager